Cloverleaf Automatic Koi Feeders

Cloverleaf’s electronic computerised auto fish feeders are exceptional value for money, and will be appreciated by all pond keepers who are away from their ponds during most of the day.

Cloverleaf Automatic koi Feeders are available in three sizes:

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Feeding small amounts at frequent intervals is known to be best for the benefit of both fish & filtration systems, and the computer controller with digital display allows just this. Up to 8 feeds a day over any given period are possible, with full control over the exact amount being fed from as little as a 5 second feed. Models are available in three sizes – the Small (5lb), Medium (10lb), and Large (20lb as photograph). All low voltage models are supplied with a 24v transformer and separate 13amp socket plugin 240v A/C timer.

The feeders are weather proof and do not need to be put under cover but care should be taken that they are not placed in a position of standing water also make sure there is sufficient distance between the feeder spout and the pond water to reduce the chance of feeding fish splashing water into the feed spout opening.

The A/C timer and low voltage transformer must be placed in a dry location.

Sizes :

  • Small PF1 – LV (5 litre). 8 Watt
  • Medium PF2 – LV (10 litre). 10 Watt
  • Large PF3 – LV (20 litre). 12 Watt

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5Lt, 10Lt, 20Lt