Maxi Air Stone 22cm


  • Suitable for the aeration of aquariums or ponds
  • Improves circulation of water, helping to prevent the build up of toxins
  • Suitable for use with most air pumps
  • Weighted so sinks to the bottom
Category: Product ID: 1905


A reliable air stone to suit a range of needs. When connected to a suitable air pump, Air Stones create a plume of fine air bubbles aerating the pond or aquarium. Not only will the Air Cylinder add vital oxygen to the water but it will also create additional circulation and boost filtration efficiency

The Cylinder Air Stones are made from a high quality refined ceramic compound with plastic moulded end pieces for additional strength. This ensures that they produce very fine aeration over a long life.

Betta Air Stone Specifications:

Air Disc 22cm – 4mm & 8mm airline connection